Interviews on Incarceration vs Treatment; Recovery; and Treatment of Heroin Addiction

Hear interviews with:  Dr. Mina “Mike” Kalfas, Dr. Jeremy Engel, Judge Exeuctive (Kenton County) Steve Arlinghaus, Terry Carl, Kenton County Jailor, and parents Eric Specht (Nicholas) and Charlotte Wethington (Casey) speak about the heroin epidemic, treatment and recovery.  With special thanks to Rodney Lear, Hubbard Interactive.  Visit Rodney’s facebook page to get more information about these speakers:   Like his page while you are there in thanks of his help in spreading the word for this public health problem.

The Heroin Epidemic:  Treatment with Dr. Mina “Mike Kalfas” and Dr. Jeremy Engel

Incarcerate or Treat:  Economic Considerations with Judge Executive Steve Arlinghaus and Terry Carl, Kenton County Jailor

A Parent’s Perspective with Eric Specht and Charlotte Wethington (Casey’s Law)