Protecting from Harm

Two Issues Related to Protecting Individuals Addicted To Heroin From Harm

  • Opioid Overdose
  • Infections Related to Injection Drug Use

2017 Targets and Strategies from the Heroin Impact Response Plan of Action

*      Overdose fatalities are decreased.

*      The number of new cases of Hepatitis C and other infections caused by intravenous drug use are decreased.

Goals:   To reduce opiate deaths and the number of new cases of infectious diseases associated with intravenous drug use, such as Hepatitis C.


  • Develop and implement a plan to initiate the prescription, distribution, and administration of Naloxone throughout Northern Kentucky.
  • Provide education for injection drug users (IDUs) about the risk of endocarditis, Hepatitis C, and other bloodborne infections, as well as the benefits of prevention and care.
  • Provide testing with referral to care and treatment through targeted outreach.
  • Explore options with communities and policy makers to reduce the transmission of infectious diseases and remove used needles and syringes from the community.
  • Increase the number of IDUs accessing timely health care for treatment of infections (e.g. endocarditis, Hepatitis C, HIV) to reduce premature death and the transmission of disease.

Casey’s Bus rolled out in the Summer of 2014 to provide Naloxone across NKY! kycaseysbus2 Click on the picture to see video.