Who We Are

The NKY Heroin Impact Response Task Force was created in 2012 circle_revised1101013[1]by an interagency group of concerned consumers, professionals, and public officials in response to the rising number of heroin overdoses. The mission of HIRT is to ensure that the people of Northern Kentucky will have access to life-saving and life-restoring resources for addiction that will reduce its impact in our communities.

In November 2013, the HIRT released a comprehensive plan of action that has been modeled across the Tri-State region (see the summary diagram).

Currently, between 30-40 members attend monthly HIRT meetings. A 5-person Coordinating Council also meets monthly to develop recommendations for the larger group to consider and vote on. The Northern Kentucky Area Development District acts as the fiscal agent for the NKY HIRT.

Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 8:30 AM at the Kenton County Detention Center.  Please join us!

Our Guiding Principles:

1.  We will engage and support all efforts that promote healthy choices in occupation, recreation, interpersonal relationships, nutrition, and entertainment.
2.  We will raise, accept, and direct financial support for programs that promote evidence based prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery of substance use disorders.
3.  We will aggressively advocate for policy and legislation that
addresses addiction as a disease that requires treatment adapted to
meet the needs of any individual with a substance use disorder.
4.  All our efforts will be directed to remove the stigma of addiction so that people suffering from substance use disorders are recognized and accepted by medical professionals and the community at large as any individual with a chronic disease and treated accordingly.